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Spine Care Program at Avista Adventist Hospital

Nagging Back Pain?
Join Dr. Matthew Gerlach for a Free Spine Seminar!
May 8, 2014,  Noon to 1 p.m.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans will suffer from back or neck pain at some point in their lives - at least half of us more than once. For some, it's an unwelcome nuisance, for others a life-altering burden.

But for many in Colorado, spine care, neck pain and back pain treatment is an option. Advanced treatment options, available at Avista Adventist Hospital's spine care program in Louisville, offer hope and a path to healing and relief. Avista Adventist Hospital offers the best in medical science and whole person care to those in need of spine or neck treatment, including:

Whatever your level of back or neck pain, or the seriousness of your underlying spine condition or injury, Avista's spine specialists can help you get back to where you belong-enjoying a life as free from pain as possible.

For more information about the spine program or to find out about upcoming spine seminars please call 303-661-4460.

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