• Medical Help for Pelvic Health Disorders

  • When should I seek medical help for a pelvic health disorder?

    The Avista Pelvic Health Center experts are here to offer you hope. You might find it challenging to discuss these private matters with a health care provider, but these conditions can be treated and your quality of life improved. Your doctor may refer you to one of our specialists or you may reach out to the Avista Pelvic Health Center directly. Contact our pelvic health experts.

    Tips for making the most out of your visit with your primary care doctor:

    • Share when your last pelvic exam was (days, weeks, months or years).
    • Communicate if you’ve had children, the number of births and how you delivered – vaginally or cesarean section.
    • Describe if you are experiencing pain, pressure or a bulge in your pelvic area.
    • Discuss if you are having trouble urinating or passing a bowel movement.
    • Share if you are experiencing “leaking”, need to use the bathroom often or have pain during urination.
    • Communicate when your pelvic symptoms started and how often you have the symptoms.
    • Be your own advocate and say you want to find ways to treat or cure these symptoms.

    Questions you may consider asking your doctor:

    • Do you think I have symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder? If so, what kind of pelvic floor disorder(s) do I have? 
    • What is causing my symptoms? 
    • Will my symptoms get better? 
    • What can I do to lessen or end these symptoms? 
    • Do you see a lot of other patients like me? 
    • Do you know of any doctors who specialize in treating my symptoms, such as urogynecologist or urologist? If so, can you refer me to someone you would recommend? 
    • Will you work with the specialist to make sure he or she knows about my medical history? 
    • Can I contact you again to ask your advice after seeing a specialist? 
    • What should I do next? 
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