• Diagnosing Pelvic Health Disorders

  • How will we diagnose your pelvic health condition?

    You will have a comprehensive medical history and physical examination, which emphasizes the woman's gynecological and urinary systems. A focused physical examination will assess the vaginal area including the support of your pelvic organs.  After your initial exam, your physician may recommend specialized testing or medical treatment if appropriate. Testing may include:

    • Cystoscopy: Cystoscopy uses a lighted flexible telescope to look at the inside of your bladder. The test allows Avista Pelvic Health Center experts to see if your bladder is inflamed or has other abnormalities that may be causing problems.
    • Urodynamic testing: Urodynamics tell us about the bladder, its nerves, its sphincters and the pelvic floor muscles. These are simple tests done in the office that involve filing your bladder with water while specialized equipment monitors the response of your nerves and muscles. These tests are the key to understanding the cause of your symptoms.
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