• Common Misconceptions About Joint Replacement

  • An estimated 40 percent of Americans with chronic joint pain have not consulted a joint care physician, and 57 percent of those diagnosed are not receiving treatment. Half of all who could benefit from total joint replacement put it off, suffering needless pain as a result.

    In fact, many people think joint problems are just for the elderly and hold common misconceptions about joint replacement.

    • I'm not old enough for a joint replacement. If you are in your 50's and joint pain is threatening your active lifestyle, you're a candidate for relief. Exciting advances in design and materials have been developed to extend the lifespan of prosthetic joints, making replacement an attractive option at ever younger ages. Though there are no guarantees and a second replacement may be necessary, new joints are now designed to last 15-20 years, and joint replacement technology continues to advance.
    • I don't have time for an extended recovery from joint replacement. The Avista Joint Care Center has embraced a unique wellness model designed to get you back home and back to doing what you love sooner than ever. That, combined with advances in anesthesia, surgical techniques and pain management, contributes to faster recovery.
    • I'm afraid of joint surgery. Most people are afraid, until they are armed with the facts. That's why we place such an emphasis on providing you with information, so you will know exactly what to expect from joint replacement surgery . The truth is, many joint replacement surgeries are minimally invasive, general anesthesia is increasingly rare, and new pain management options are highly successful.

    For many, setting aside these misconceptions is the first and most important step toward saying goodbye to joint pain. The facts are clear. You don't have to wait to get relief, and there's simply no need to suffer. Contact a Denver / Boulder Orthopedic Joint Specialist to discuss treatment options.

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