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  • Infusion Services at Avista Adventist Hospital

    Infusion Center at Avista Adventist HospitalOur infusion center is staffed by registered nurses specially trained in infusion services and provides high-quality care to patients of all ages.

    Avista Infusion Center Scheduling and Information

    Scheduling: 303-661-4235, please leave a message.
    Fax: 303-673-1025


    • Monday - Friday, by appointment
    • Saturday and Sunday, for daily antibiotics only

    Avista Infusion Center
    100 Health Park Drive
    Louisville, CO 80027
    Located on the 2nd floor of Avista Adventist Hospital at the end of the medical/surgical unit. Patients should check in at the main entrance with the information desk.

  • The Avista Infusion Center offers the following services:

    • Hydration therapy
    • Intravenous/intramuscular antibiotic therapy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Blood product administration
    • Osteoporosis medication administration
    • Intravenous rheumatoid arthritis therapies
    • Multiple sclerosis therapies
    • Inflammatory bowel disease therapies
    • Genetic disorder therapy
    • Immunoglobulin infusion therapy
    • Anemia therapy
    • Intravenous steroids
    • Methotrexate injections
    • Xolair injections
    • Rhogam injections
    • PICC placement by PICC certified RNs
    • Insertion of IV access lines, including PICC lines
    • Central line care including port access and flush
    • Education to improve care at home 24-hour on call nursing
    • Consultation with infectious diseases physician
    •  Assistance with third-party providers
    • Laboratory services Multi-disciplinary care management
    • Clinical dietary counseling
    • Social services
    • Other infusion therapies as ordered by the physician

    Physicians ordering infusion services can call 303-661-4295 to request forms.

    Physicians submitting referral forms can fax to 303-673-1025.


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