• Genetic Counseling

  • Why would I need genetic testing and counseling?

    If you have a family history of cancer, have received a new cancer diagnosis of premenopausal cancer, have received a multiple cancer diagnosis (like breast and kidney) and/or have been diagnosed with an unusual cancer (like breast cancer in a man), you may have an identifiable hereditary cancer syndrome. If it is determined that you have an increased risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome, you may consider risk-reducing options, increased surveillance and/or genetic testing. That is where Jeanine Ashley, our Certified Genetic Counselor, will assist you. 

    What can genetic testing uncover?

    You can’t change your genes, and it is possible that the genes you born with may increase your risk for cancer. A new technology called multigene panel testing simultaneously examines a number of different genes to look for potentially cancer-causing mutations, which can provide information to help you take action to prevent or stop cancer. For you, becoming aware that you carry a cancer-causing genetic mutation may help you plan a strategy to take preventive action.

    It is Jeanine’s passion to:

    • Educate you about your risk of cancer and/or the risk that you might be carrying a disease-causing genetic mutation
    • Coordinate your genetic testing using multiple gene panels
    • Assist in your education of how your genes are working for or against you
    • Help your family understand their potential risk
    • Work with your health care provider by providing detailed test documentation
    • Help you, and your family, to be proactive about their medical management

    Will my insurance cover my genetic counseling?

    It has been our experience that our patient’s insurance usually covers genetic counseling as it is considered preventative care under the Affordable Care Act. Genetic testing is typically covered when an individual’s diagnosis and/or family history indicates that they have a reasonable chance of carrying a disease-causing mutation. Federal law prohibits insurance discrimination for people with a genetic mutation.

    Jeanine shares this with you, “I am passionate about helping you understand your inherited risk of cancer, and in doing so, empower you to make important treatment decisions that will help you be proactive about your medical care. I will strive to help you gain the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a genetic test. I hope that through genetic counseling, you will be able to make a decision that is right for you and your family.”
  • Jeanine Ashley, MS, CGC

    Jeanine Ashley, MS, CGC
    Certified Genetic Counselor Avista Adventist Hospital
    80 Health Park Drive, #270
    Louisville, CO 80027
    Appointments: 720-321-8383

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