• Breast Reconstruction

  • Loss of a breast is a severe and emotional event for any woman.

    Fortunately, new advances in reconstruction procedures are available to help heal the physical and emotional scars associated with mastectomy and make you feel whole again.

    The first step to a successful reconstruction will be to determine which tissues have been lost and what will be required to reconstruct the breast. Your reconstructive surgeon will work with your breast surgeon, oncologist and radiologist to map out a personalized plan to reconstruct your breast as safely and as soon as possible to help give you optimal cosmetic results.

    Reconstructive procedures include:

    • Implant-based reconstruction – tissue expanders and implants
    • Autologous tissue transfers – reconstruction entirely from your body’s tissues
    • Shape modifications and lifting procedures for symmetry as well as fat grafting
    • Nipple areola complex reconstruction

    Almost any breast* can now be reconstructed with an average of one major and one or two relatively minor surgical procedures.

    *Excepting certain limitations

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