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    Preventive medication, increased screenings and surgery are critical to breast cancer prevention in high risk patients; however, the Avista Breast Care Center recognizes there is so much more than can and should be done to help these women reduce their risk. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative Breast Cancer and Disease Prevention Program that takes a holistic approach to risk reduction that includes comprehensive evaluation, monitoring and coaching to address lifestyle, nutrition, environmental exposures and more.


    Your rehabilitation will be about making sure that you heal emotionally and physically. And for that reason, we offer these services to get you back to living your life:

    • Breast and Lymphedema Rehabilitation: Your breast cancer rehabilitation is essential to restore movement, reduce scar tissue and improve your strength to return you to normal life.
    • Genetic Counseling: If you or a family member has been diagnosed with cancer, our genetic counseling services can:
      • Determine if you are at a higher risk of hereditary cancer
      • Coordinate genetic testing and determine if preventative steps can be taken for early detection and risk reduction
    • Medical Oncology: Your cancer team will provide advanced prevention and treatment options that could include:
      • Consulting on your diagnosis and treatment
      • Planning and administering chemotherapy treatment
      • Providing cancer survivor training
      • Conducting bone marrow aspiration and biopsy

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