• Spiritual Care

  • At Avista Adventist Hospital we are committed to taking care of your health as a whole - body, mind and spirit.

    Our roots as a Seventh-day Adventist organization bring an integrated approach to healthcare that reflects our rich legacy of caring for the whole person. And because we know spiritual expression is as unique as the individual, we place great importance on embracing and welcoming people from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds.

    The mission of our pastoral care department is to provide support, comfort and resources-tailored to meet all individual needs. Our chaplains at Avista are trained professionals and integral members of the healing team. We believe that spirituality plays a key role in facilitating mental, physical and emotional health and we offer our assistance to every patient and family member who would like it.

    Email Darrell Rott , Director of Pastoral Care, 303-673-1266.

    We are happy to visit patients in their rooms. Please contact us to request that a patient receives a visit from one of our spiritual care team.

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