• Healing Arts

  • Creating a healing journey through art.

    A Journey For The Spirit

    The Healing Arts program at Avista Adventist Hospital is providing patients, family members, staff members and the community with an environment that calms and revives the senses during times of stress and anxiety.

    The Healing Arts program includes visual arts, music, nature and community outreach. All components feature local artists. This program is fully supported by community donations.


    Music therapy has been shown to reduce stress and even aid in the healing process. At Avista Adventist Hospial, certified music therapists come right to your bedside to play soothing therapeutic music. Regional musicians, including local students, also perform free concerts in public areas of the hospital, bringing benefits to everyone.

    Visual Arts

    Throughout the hospital, the beauty of Colorado is reflected in paintings, sculpture, and other nature-based artwork that helps calm the senses and aids in the healing process. Created by regional artists and local students, the pieces not only provide a beautiful backfrop, but also help celebrate a sense of community.


    Adventist health care is rooted in the power of God as reflected in nature. That's why the architecture is designed to bring the beauty of nature indoors with environmentally sound materials and plenty of natural light. Patients and visitors will find quiet spots throughout the hospital to sit and reconnect with the healing power of nature.   

    The Healing Arts program at Avista Adventist Hospital is funded entirely through community donations to the Avista Hospital Foundation . No hospital or health insurance dollars are used to pay for this program.

    The Avista Hospital Foundation continually raises funds to help support and expand the Healing Arts program. Currently, the Foundation is seeking community donations to help expand the bedside music program and purchase a piano for the hospital lobby.

    For more information about the Foundation, please contact Nicole Milo, Chief Development Officer

    • Phone: 303-673-1011 or
    • Email

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    For more information about the Healing Arts program, please contact Heather Dean, Development Officer

    • Phone: 303-715-7614 or
    • Email
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